BURGUS Tribute & Design Hotel is a tribute to Braga.
Braga ancient city, capital of the Swabians, Bracara Augusta of the Romans, today's city of Portugal and its people...
This Innovative project is inspired by the testimony of the times and its recognition, through the inclusion in the architecture and hotel services; tribute to great personalities and institutions that have marked and still mark the history and future of this Burgo. 

BURGUS Tribute & Design Hotel  rises in an area of archaeological ruins of medieval and Roman epoch of accentuated archaeological interest, in the historical center of Braga.

BURGUS Tribute & Design Hotel assumes itself as a sophisticated four-star hotel, providing a unique and seductive venue whether for desired vacation and business travel. Ideal for those looking to explore and blend into the city, getting to know its people, history, customs, habits and traditions, besides heritage, culture, gastronomy and wines of the region.


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