At the Burgus Tribute Design Hotel we want you to feel the essence of our city in its fullness. We want you to feel the essence of our city in its fullness. We want you to live and feel unforgettable experiences and that Braga and the Minho Region occupy a special place in your memory.
We have unique cultural experiences, such as the Bracara Augusta, Braga Medieval, Braga Renascentista and Braga do Barroco. Braga is also a city rich in Museums and Cultural Spaces: Museu da Sé, Museum of Archeology D. Diogo de Sousa, Museum of the Biscainhos Palace, Pio XII Museum, Tibães Monastery, Nogueira da Silva Museum, Museum of the Kordofan Museum the Dr. Gonçalo Sampaio Costume, the São Martinho de Dume Museum, the Image Museum and the Screeners' House.
Braga offers to those who visit it dishes prepared according to the tradition of several generations, like the Cod to Braga, the sarrabulho potatoes (during the winter) with the minhota rojões, the rice of duck, the kid roasted and the roasted veal to the fashion of Braga, the chicken "pica on the ground", the famous frying pans and the green broth with cornbread. For dessert, we want to give you to sample the best delicacies in town. They are: the delicious slice of Pudding Abbot of Priscos or Bacon of the Sky, and also the French Toast. And our Green Wine? It's the best in the world!
Braga is a city with lots of events, parties, fairs and pilgrimages. To know more about what our city can offer you, download our In & Out! Braga is also a city rich in leisure and is, the perfect starting point and arrival to get to know the Minho Region.
For golf lovers we have a special offer in the typically rural minhoto, in Ponte de Lima, the golf course is a joint of flat with mountain. They are 18 holes, being the first 9 holes in zone of hills and the rest in flat zone. To our interested guests, we suggest that you spend a morning or an afternoon outdoors, while enjoying a good game or perhaps in learning the theoretical and important principles of the art of knowing how to play golf.
Braga is the perfect city for cycling and enjoying the beautiful views that the city provides! If you want to live this experience we have the perfect tour to propose!

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